Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Student Visa France

Studying in France
The process of obtaining a permit to study abroad in France depends on whether you are seeking an extended-stay student visa with residency permit (known as VLS-TS), or whether you simply need a short-stay visa. Read more below, or find out which French visa you need by clicking the link above to take the free assessment today.

Extended stay French student visa
For study in France at an institution of higher education, the VLS-TS is normally valid for a period of one year. Holders of the VLS-TS do not need a residency permit while they are studying in France, but most will need to report to the French office of immigration and integration (OFII). The VLS-TS does not apply to Algerian nationals studying in France, who are subject to different provisions.

Two ways to obtain the VLS-TS
There are two routes for obtaining an extended stay student visa for France. Students from the 30 countries covered by France’s CEF procedure can receive guidance and track their French student visa application online throughout. Applicants from non-CEF countries will first need to complete an application for preliminary admission, which is usually issued through the student’s chosen institution. To check your eligibility, take the free assessment today.

France student visa for short stays
School pupils, language students, or those taking a short course, can obtain a uniform visa for up to 90 days to study abroad in France. Under the Schengen Agreement, uniform visas issued for a short-term stay in France will normally apply to all the other countries covered by the Agreement. The uniform visa may be multiple-entry but it cannot normally be renewed. To find out which countries are exempt from short-stay visa requirements, take the  free assessment.

Study in France for scientists
The extended-stay scientific visa covers applicants who hold a master’s degree or higher qualification and want to conduct research or teach at university level in France. Applicants will need a hosting agreement that sets out the nature and duration of the proposed work or study in France. Holders of this visa must also apply for a residency permit marked scientifique within two months of entering France. This permit is valid for one year and is renewable.

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