Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Immigration France

The path to French immigration
Below is a summary of the main requirements for immigration to France, for those intending to take up long-term residence. For short-term visa options, see the France Visa Requirements page, or start the free assessment by clicking the link above.

France immigration visa requirements
To obtain a long-stay visa for France, applicants will need to pay the appropriate fees and provide:
  • A travel document such as a passport that is valid for the period of his/her stay.
  • A completed and signed long-term visa application form.
  • The appropriate number of photographs – this varies depending on the applicant’s nationality and the reasons for his/her stay
  • Proof of the reason for his/her stay in France and evidence of personal situation.

Immigration to France for marriage
An applicant’s plans for France immigration may be linked to an existing or future marriage to a French citizen. If you are already married to a French citizen and now want to immigrate to France to live with your husband/wife, you will need to provide evidence of this. Foreign nationals seeking immigration to France for the purposes of marriage to a French citizen will need to provide evidence about themselves, their partners and the marriage ceremony. This would include:
  • Applicant’s visa application form, photograph, passport and fees.
  • The original certificate of the publication of banns (from the city hall where the marriage will take place)
  • Proof of French nationality of the intended French spouse, such as a French identity card, and proof of his/her residence in France.

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