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Immigration France

The path to French immigration
Below is a summary of the main requirements for immigration to France, for those intending to take up long-term residence. For short-term visa options, see the France Visa Requirements page, or start the free assessment by clicking the link above.

France immigration visa requirements
To obtain a long-stay visa for France, applicants will need to pay the appropriate fees and provide:
  • A travel document such as a passport that is valid for the period of his/her stay.
  • A completed and signed long-term visa application form.
  • The appropriate number of photographs – this varies depending on the applicant’s nationality and the reasons for his/her stay
  • Proof of the reason for his/her stay in France and evidence of personal situation.

Immigration to France for marriage
An applicant’s plans for France immigration may be linked to an existing or future marriage to a French citizen. If you are already married to a French citizen and now want to immigrate to France to live with your husband/wife, you will need to provide evidence of this. Foreign nationals seeking immigration to France for the purposes of marriage to a French citizen will need to provide evidence about themselves, their partners and the marriage ceremony. This would include:
  • Applicant’s visa application form, photograph, passport and fees.
  • The original certificate of the publication of banns (from the city hall where the marriage will take place)
  • Proof of French nationality of the intended French spouse, such as a French identity card, and proof of his/her residence in France.

Work Visa France

Different types of French working visa
Listed below are the main categories of permit for foreign nationals who want to work in France. These range from the working holiday visa for France covering seasonal workers, to permits for senior company executives. For further information about applying for French visas, take the free assessment now.

The skills and talents permit
This is a France work visa that allows visitors to carry out any professional activity related to their project. It is valid initially for a period of three years and may be renewed. Accompanying family members may also stay and work in France under a private and family life permit.

The salaried and temporary worker permit Applicants from several different fields may be able to obtain a work visa for France under this category. To find out whether your profession qualifies you for a residence permit as a salaried or temporary worker, contact

The employee on assignment permit
Employees of companies based abroad can apply for this type of French work visa. It covers employees working on secondment at their company’s French premises, or in a company that is part of the same group. The permit is valid for three years and is renewable.

The employee on assignment card
This is for senior managers and executives employed by a French company that is part of an international group. Those whose position or salary level meets the criteria can obtain a residence permit to work in France for three years. Families can obtain a visitor residence permit.

The seasonal worker permit
This is a work permit for France that covers those engaged in seasonal activities for more than three months. Applicants can obtain a temporary residence permit valid for three years and renewable, allowing them to work for a maximum of six months during a 12-month period.

The scientific permit
This France work visa covers applicants who hold a master’s degree and want to carry out research or teaching activities. Scientists will require a valid hosting agreement and a residency permit to qualify for a scientific permit. For more information see the Student Visa France page or take our free assessment now.

Student Visa France

Studying in France
The process of obtaining a permit to study abroad in France depends on whether you are seeking an extended-stay student visa with residency permit (known as VLS-TS), or whether you simply need a short-stay visa. Read more below, or find out which French visa you need by clicking the link above to take the free assessment today.

Extended stay French student visa
For study in France at an institution of higher education, the VLS-TS is normally valid for a period of one year. Holders of the VLS-TS do not need a residency permit while they are studying in France, but most will need to report to the French office of immigration and integration (OFII). The VLS-TS does not apply to Algerian nationals studying in France, who are subject to different provisions.

Two ways to obtain the VLS-TS
There are two routes for obtaining an extended stay student visa for France. Students from the 30 countries covered by France’s CEF procedure can receive guidance and track their French student visa application online throughout. Applicants from non-CEF countries will first need to complete an application for preliminary admission, which is usually issued through the student’s chosen institution. To check your eligibility, take the free assessment today.

France student visa for short stays
School pupils, language students, or those taking a short course, can obtain a uniform visa for up to 90 days to study abroad in France. Under the Schengen Agreement, uniform visas issued for a short-term stay in France will normally apply to all the other countries covered by the Agreement. The uniform visa may be multiple-entry but it cannot normally be renewed. To find out which countries are exempt from short-stay visa requirements, take the  free assessment.

Study in France for scientists
The extended-stay scientific visa covers applicants who hold a master’s degree or higher qualification and want to conduct research or teach at university level in France. Applicants will need a hosting agreement that sets out the nature and duration of the proposed work or study in France. Holders of this visa must also apply for a residency permit marked scientifique within two months of entering France. This permit is valid for one year and is renewable.

France Visa Requirements

The extended-stay student visa, with residency permit (VLS-TS)
All international students except Algerian nationals can apply for this one-year France visa to cover their studies and residency in France. Full details are located at the Student Visa France page, or take the free assessment to find out if you qualify.

Uniform visa for up to 90 days
This short-term visa to France is issued for up to 90 days and covers school pupils, language students, or those taking a short course.

Scientific visa
This is an extended-stay visa, valid for one year, covering applicants who hold a master’s degree or higher qualification and want to conduct research or teach at university level in France.

Work visas for France
The list of visas France can issue for work covers many different areas:
  • The skills and talents permit is a three-year renewable visa for professional activity related to a specific project.
  • The salaried and temporary worker permit covers applicants from several professional fields. To find out whether your job qualifies you for a residence permit, contact
  • The employee on assignment permit and the employee on assignment card relate to employees or senior managers of companies based abroad, who have been seconded to France.
  • The seasonal worker permit covers those engaged in seasonal activities for more than three months.
  • The scientific permit covers applicants who hold a master’s degree and want to carry out research or teaching activities.
Schengen short-stay visa
Visitors applying for this short-stay visa for French travel will need a valid passport and proof of the purpose of their stay in the Schengen Area.

Short-stay visa to marry French citizen in France
For this type of French visa, an applicant will require two sets of documents with details about themself, their future spouse and the marriage ceremony.

France Visa

France visa requirements
The France visa requirements section covers the many different types of visas France can issue to foreign nationals. These range from transit visas within the Schengen Area; to the popular extended-stay student visa (known as the VLS-TS); and the many types of France visa available for workers. Visit the France visa requirements page now for more information, or take the free assessment.

Immigration France
The Immigration France page sets out the options for students, workers, visitors and engaged couples seeking a visa for France that will lead to long-term or permanent residence. We recommend taking the free assessment as a first step towards getting your visa for France.

Work Visa France
On this page you can find out more about the different permits issued for work in France. Whether you are a company director, a scientist or a seasonal worker, can help guide you through the process of obtaining a work visa to France.

Student Visa France
This section explains the steps for those who want to study in France at a school, university or language college. Visit the page to find out more about what is involved, or click on the link below to start your free assessment.

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Vietnam visa for Indian passport holder

Visa online service is growing rapidly with its express and simple process and now it becomes a favorite choice for air travelers all over the world. Vietnam visa on arrival service is currently the best choice for Indian passport holders who are in need of entering Vietnam either by air or by land. 

Vietnam is really a good option for you with hundreds of attractive destinations to visit and don't let visa issues prevent you from enjoy the Vietnam hidden charms.

Spending just a few minutes to complete a simple form and make payment for service fee, an approval letter will be sent to your email within 1-2 working days so that you can print it out for boarding. By submitting the approval letter once you are in Vietnam airport, present your passport together with 2 passport-sized photos, pay stamping fee and you will absolutely be granted a Vietnam visa after 15-20 minutes.

Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holder can be divided into the following steps:

Step 1: Complete the form online here or send the following details to us: Full name, passport number, birthday, entry/exit date, visa type, arrival airport. Otherwise, just simply send us the scan of your passport.

Step 2: To obtain an approval letter, you must make payment for service fee via secured and fast payment method like PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Step 3: Within 1-2 working days or 3 working days at the latest, check your email inbox to receive the approval letter then print it out to show for boarding. Without this approval letter, you can not get on your plane.

Step 4: Once you are in a Vietnam international airport, go straight to the Landing Visa office, show your passport and approval letter, you will be give 2 entry/exit forms to fill out and attach your photos to the forms. To save time, you can also download here and complete in advance. After paying stamping fee, please wait for a few minutes and you can be issued a Vietnam visa.

Service fee for Indian passport holders is: 35 USD/pp for a 1 month single visa with normal processing time. For urgent service (4-8 hours), please contact us via email or hotline 84 966 56 99 56 to have more detailed instructions.

For Vietnam visa inquiry, please email to

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For French passport holders

French citizens coming to Vietnam for vacation or business can easily apply for visa on arrival following the simple application process provided here at Fill in the secured application form with required information such as your full name, date of birth, passport number, arrival date… You are required to enter the exact personal information of the applicant(s) in order for the Immigration Department to issue Visa Approval Letter. Please double check to ensure the information is correct. Then process to make payment for the service fee. You can make payment with your Credit/ Debit Card via OnePay /PayPal or pay via Western Union. Our confirmation email for your visa application will be sent within 5 minutes.

The cost for Vietnam visa on arrival includes: Visa service fee (paid to when you apply) and,Visa stamping fee (paid to custom officials at airports when you enter Vietnam)

Wait for 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email.Print the visa approval letter out together with the entry and exit form (attached in the email)Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport check-in counter by presenting your visa approval letter, passport, 02 passport-sized photos, entry and exit form (already filled out), and stamping to the Immigration Officer. In case you wish to fill out your information offline, you can download the visa application form here (in .doc format), fill it out and send to our email at You will receive our reply email with the payment link to make payment for the visa service fee.

For other nationalities currently staying in France

If your nationalities are not included in the Vietnam visa exemption list, you are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Vietnam.For those whose nationalities are supported with visa on arrival, you can follow the simple steps listed above to apply for one at Or, you can contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy around your area to apply. First, please check if a visa is required for your nationality to enter Vietnam by visiting our Check Requirement page: